How We Can Help

Executive Search & Selection in Bristol

Carrying out your own recruitment exercise, whether it’s for a single senior manager, a board appointment, or for a major campaign, can be time consuming, with no guarantee of success. Howe International Recruitment, based in Bristol, and covering the UK and Europe, can take your instructions to market with a dedicated programme to increase your areas of search activity. Utilising our search and selection processes, we can successfully recruit the person you want.

Every client is unique, and has different issues to resolve. We want to understand what these issues are, what your goals and objectives are, and how your culture has evolved. We want to not only recruit the very best people for you, but we also need to understand your business ethos, and the way you do things.

We want to know about you, and the people in your team. We want to understand all there is to know about the vacancy you are seeking to fill, and how it came about. Only then can we prepare a brief, detailing all the responsibilities involved, including the experience, and personal attributes, the successful candidate will need to have. All this is best achieved during a client meeting, and unless the assignment is confidential, we will also want to visit your factory/premises, and the location of where the person to be recruited is to be based.

We will tell you how we can recruit the person you want. We will also tell you how we can achieve this for you, and will recommend the service that we know will bring you results.

Today there is now even greater competition to attract suitable candidates, and an unprecedented need to project the selling points of your organisation.

We can help you to achieve this. We want to be of service to you now. Please read on, and contact us soon.