Executive Search

Executive Search & Selection in Bristol

Executive Search is used when the position to be filled is of a confidential nature, or in such a specialised market that it requires specific, and targeted, research.

During our client briefing, we will agree a target list of markets and industries where you prefer candidates to come from. We will then carry out confidential research, to identify, and target, the most successful potential candidates in any given industry, - on an international basis if required. This is our proven and successful method in sourcing candidates for any market.

We then interview all candidates identified through our research, wherever they are located, who have the qualifications and experience you require. We will establish suitability, and brief them on the vacancy, and will at this stage also interview any internal candidates you may have. Our interviews are comprehensive and demanding. We write detailed interview reports on all candidates we recommend to you.

We arrange your interviews and can attend these if required. We continue to offer total support on the assignment, until you have selected your preferred candidate from our recommended shortlist.

On completion of the assignment, we will present you with our detailed research report, which may assist you during further recruitment exercises, or as valuable market intelligence on the industries researched.