Advertising & Selection

Manufacturing Industry, Defence & Aerospace, Defence Recruitment, Bristol

Selection of the right candidate to fit your specification is essential. Our consultants have considerable experience of recruitment through advertising, in national and international media, and the web. Copy can be written, in any language, and placed confidentially, in any country.

We will write copy based on your specification, and place it in carefully targeted local, national, or international media, and the web. There is a one off charge for this service, together with the cost of the advertisement. This service is particularly useful for those clients who wish to advertise first, before committing themselves to our full interview and selection service.

We can carry out initial interviews, and we can include applicants to your own advertising campaigns, should you not have the time or resources to do this. We interview candidates wherever they are located, in the U.K., Europe, or elsewhere. This way you can be confident that all suitable candidates have been considered.

If you require a confidential, and more limited service, we can take the response, acknowledge it, and pass it to you.